Thank you to our amazing leaders for all that you do.

Britany Hartzell

President and Founder, RN

I am a Registered Nurse with a specialized certification as a CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) and I am SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) trained. I am on track to finish my BSN by this fall. I have been in acute care nursing since January of 2016, first as an LPN then RN, specializing in medical surgical nursing and emergency medicine. I have been married to my best friend, Derric since 2017, who is also very passionate about this cause. We have two children, Emiley and Jakson.

I have always been fascinated by science and medicine. I have a passion for advocacy, evidence-based practice, and education. Ever since I was a small child, all I have wanted to do is care for people in need. I am a first-generation college graduate who came from a single parent, poverty level home. I have fought my way forward in life to make real change and achieve my goals. Now I want to fight for you!

Wendy Watson

Vice President and Co-Founder, RN

I am a wife and mom to 9 beautiful children. I have been a registered nurse for 11 years in cardiac, stroke, and stroke regulatory compliance. I am a caregiver to my core and I will always advocate for informed consent and the autonomy of my patients with their healthcare decisions. I took an oath before God to practice my profession faithfully and not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. With loyalty, I will devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care, which includes members of Take A Stand Now Missouri.

Brooke Bain

Secretary, BSN

I began my career as an LPN in 1995, obtained my ASN in 2002, my BSN in 2019 and will complete my MSN with a specialty in Nursing Education in August 2021. I have experience in skilled nursing, med-surg, intensive care, case management, home health, adult psychiatry, telephone triage and leadership.

I am originally from New England, but moved to the Midwest in 2002. I currently live just north of Springfield, MO. I am married with 4 children ranging in age from 29 years to 8 years. I also have 3 beautiful grandchildren.

I believe in evidence-based nursing practice, bodily autonomy and individual human rights.  I believe all patients should be given informed consent, freedom of choice and I am a strong patient advocate. I am here to assist you in fighting for your rights!


Angela Fisher

Treasurer and Grants Manager

I am a Business and Employment Specialist better known as a Career Coach. My primary career is in assisting the public to better understand the processes and requirements to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. I am also an instructor at weekly workshops teaching re-employment skills for those seeking employment.  I love my job as a Career Coach for the Employment Department.

I graduated from Drury University, with an Associate’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. I am currently enrolled in a program to finish my Master’s degree in Education. I am married with 6 children and 5 grandchildren that are the light of my life.

I am an experienced technical writer and who enjoys putting my skills to good use by writing fundraising proposals for local non-profits. I have worked for many years with local non-profits, and I have served in many roles within their organizations.

I accepted this leadership role to take a stand against mandatory vaccinations because it is wrong to take away our freedom of choice. I truly believe that together we can make a difference. 

Brittney Long

Public Relations Representative & Events Coordinator, RN

I am a nurse in the emergency department and have been employed in the healthcare field for 17 years. 14 years have been spent in the ER, although , not all of that time was spent as a nurse. I was a latchkey kid growing up and the oldest of three children. As a result , I would take care of my younger siblings before and after school as well as babysitting all day during the summers. I believe this instilled in me the responsibility for caring for those who are in need which, sometimes includes standing up and speaking for those who can’t . I consider myself to be honest and forthright. I believe in evidence based practice and informed consent . Recent events in my state and local hospital has brought me to this wonderful organization ; where I too must pick up the mantle of change and work towards preserving the right of individual autonomy, freedom of choice regarding ones own body, and personal medical decisions.

Cindy lowe

Research Leader, MS, CCRP, LPC

I am a Research Scientist with 21 years of research experience, specialized in Trauma, Burn, and Critical Care. I have been certified as a Clinical Research Professional for 19 years. I have published 29 peer-reviewed manuscripts and presented data at over 25 medical conferences. I am also a licensed professional counselor through the State of Missouri. 

I love the Lord, my husband, three perfect sons…..and CrossFit! With the recent events I felt a sense of urgency and conviction that I couldn’t just sit back and wait for somebody else to stand up. I wanted to get involved and help bring forth scientific knowledge and truth. I am honored to be a part of TASN in Missouri. I am fiercely devoted to winning this fight for freedom and informed consent. 

“Without knowledge my people will perish.” Hosea 4:6

Hollie Ehrhardt

Social Media Manager, RHIT, CPC, CPC-I

I have 11 years of coding experience. I am a wife and mother of 4. I am involved in homeschooling, dance, cheer, and karate for my children. Although I am new to mass social media, I am very passionate about bringing accurate and up to date information across all the platforms. I believe that we need all American citizens to take a stand for our rights and be the voice for not only ourselves, but our children. I have legitimate fears for any future tyranny we may face in our country if we do not take a stand now.