These are media personnel reporting on the truths that are being “fact checked” and censored on large media platforms. They are taking a stand to bring you facts, fast. We are not directly affiliated with any of these sources, these have been brought forward by members.

Benny Johnson played in the NFL but has taken to becoming a political commentator on many issues including the mandates, the border crisis, and addresses many important topics on his social media platforms and website.
Dan Bongino is a great political commentator, author, and radio show host. He does podcasts on Facebook and many other social media platforms. He served in the Secret Service and the NYPD in his career. He reports on topics all across the country with a straightforward attitude.
If you happen to be unfamiliar, Stew Peters, he is a broadcaster who is a Former Senior Investigator, and K-9 handler for US Fugitive Recovery and Extradition This link will take you directly to his page on Rumble. Please go and browse his videos of professional interviews with Thomas Renz, Dr. Jane Ruby, and many more.
Purple Lion Project is a Registered Nurse and certified Federal Medical Investigator/Healthcare Surveyor and Entity approved Guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio healing center in Brazil (from about). She has a video posted about where the swabs are made and what is contained on them. Click the title here, it will take you to her blog, look for "All about the nasal swab."