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Please participate in these events and sign these positions to Take A Stand Now in Missouri.

This petition is for Citizens Memorial Hospital (CMH).
It has been brought to the attention of Take A Stand Now Missouri’s leadership that CMH has a COVID-19 vaccine mandate under consideration. This is very concerning in regards to not only the loss of jobs for many healthcare workers but for community safety as well. The members of Take A Stand Now Missouri who have signed wish to express their concern for what impact this will have on the overall community. 
We truly believe that a mandate or policy seeking to leverage an individual’s employment against them with the goal of coercing them into taking this injection is morally, ethically, and scientifically wrong. However, we do understand that with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) final ruling your reimbursement will be affected by personnel vaccination rates and this will have a significant impact on your financial standing. With this in consideration, we respectfully request that religious, medical, and conscientious exemptions be offered to employees, vendors, or anyone impacted by your mandate WITHOUT scrutiny.
This would include:
  • A proper and informative process to file these exemptions. 
  • To ethically preserve the right of providers to sign valid medical exemptions without concern for retaliation. 
  • Finally, not enacting any policies or mandates that could be perceived as discrimination or retaliation against these that file for exempt status.
The ultimate goal of this is to allow your dedicated and loyal staff to continue to provide excellent care to the community without creating a hostile work environment or increased emotional duress. 

(** Please note your name and contact information will not be shared publicly or with this organization when this is submitted. This is only for our verification if there is questioning as to the legitimacy of our petition. Department – only fill out if you work at CMH and this is for statistics.)

Sign the Petition

We are calling for EVERYONE to sign the petition to Governor Michael L. Parson in Missouri to stop these mandates that are affecting middle school, high school, and college students.

Not a single person deserves for their education to be leveraged against them to coerce them into getting a vaccine that has so many unknowns for their short term and long term personal health.

Please sign our petition on Change.Org to help stop discrimination with COVID vaccination status, reach out to our legislators to let your voice be heard, and support those being discriminated against with the mandatory vaccines. We need YOU to make a difference!

Please be sure to donate through our donations page on the website as change.org keeps all donations. 

Students across the state are being coerced, bribed, and discriminated against because of the Covid 19 vaccine mandates. Please Take A Stand with us now to help these students. They are losing out on academic and extracurricular opportunities because they don’t have this injection. This is wrong on so many levels, we cannot allow this in our state. Sign the petition today!!

Please be sure to donate through our donations page on the website as change.org keeps all donations.