Ryan Cole, MD- Amercas Frontline Doctor Medical Director

Dr. Ryan Cole serves as the medical director for AFLD’s.
Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. He has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. Some highlights from his CV: Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology (July 2002-June 2003): Dermatopathology Fellowship (Chief Fellow). Mayo Clinic (July 1997-June 2002): Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Chief Fellow, Surgical Pathology Fellowship. Medical College of Virginia (1993-1997): Researched immunology. Served as President of Student Family Practice organization. Coordinated activities and seminars on the practice of family medicine and rural medicine. Earned MD in 1997. (Independentdocsid.com) Founder of Cole Diagnostic.
Dr Cole discusses a brief clip on vaccine dangers. More presentations are available under the category “vaccine”. https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/frontlinenews/we-see-clotting-not-from-virus-but-from-spike-from-vaccine-itself-aflds-medical-director-dr-ryan-cole/

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